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AngularJS / SailsJS / Restangular generator

Deprecation notice!

This project is being deprecated and replaced with sails-generate-frontend-angular / sails-generate-controller-angular, please use with sails 0.10.x.

Build Status

Requires Sails 0.8.x

I am aware that the project isn't compatible with the latest versions of SailsJS, I am planning on fixing this ASMKLM (As Soon As My Kids Let Me)

Generates a scaffold of a project based off of the latest generator-angular:app and includes: SailsJS for creating a simple RESTful API backend, Restangular for consuming it inside of AngularJS & Twitter Bootstrap.

Getting started

  • Make sure you have yo installed: npm install -g yo
  • Install the generators: npm install -g generator-sails-angular generator-angular
  • Create project directory and cd into it: mkdir my-new-project && cd $_
  • Run: yo sails-angular [app-name]
  • To run project: sails lift
  • To test: grunt test


MIT License