MS Word templates for TRB peer review papers
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This repository contains a MS Word template for preparing TRB peer review papers. It provides pre-defined MS Word styles that can be apply to the title, headings, and table/figure captions according to TRB's guidelines. It also provides a semi-automatic word count feature that allows users to quickly calculate and present the final word count.


  1. Pre-defined Styles for paper title, headings, and table/figure captions.
  2. Semi-automatic word count that automatically calculates the total number of words, including 250 words for each table.

Usage - Word Count

  1. Enter total number of tables
  2. Select the entire line of the Word Count, then press F9 on your keyboard
  3. Repeat 1 & 2 after making updates to the document

Please note that the templates are provided as is and they are not official TRB provided templates. Any comments or feedback are appreciated!