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@huzhenghui37 huzhenghui37 released this
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  • Added Japanese UI, and able to switch UI language in preferences
  • Smart translation now supports 11 more languages (Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Russian, Indonesian, Arabic and Hindi)
  • Improved playback performance for H.265/4K videos
  • Added subtitle manual uploading function
  • Supported adjusting volume by mouse, keyboard and touchpad
  • Added translation results for traditional Chinese
  • Touch Bar on Mac can control playback and display timecode now
  • Improved playback speed controller, provided more adjust options
  • Improved subtitle delay function, added reset button
  • Supported always on top when playing videos
  • Added thumbnail icons for more video format (TS, WEBM, F4V, VOB, MPG and RM)
  • Added multiple hotkeys (Subtitle delay adjust, playback speed adjust, window size adjust). More details can be seen in the menu bar
  • 新增日语界面,并支持选择界面语言
  • 支持日语、韩语、西班牙语、德语、意大利语、葡萄牙语、捷克语、俄语、印尼语、阿拉伯语、印地语的视频字幕翻译
  • 提升H.265/4K视频播放和缩略图生成性能
  • 增加手动上传视频字幕功能
  • 支持通过鼠标、键盘、触摸板控制音量
  • 智能翻译现在支持翻译为繁体中文
  • 支持 Touch Bar 控制播放,暂停,全屏并显示播放时间
  • 提供更多倍速调节功能的速度选择
  • 改进字幕延迟的范围和调节幅度,增加重置字幕延迟功能
  • 可以仅在播放时窗口置顶
  • 增加TS, WEBM, F4V, VOB, MPG和RM格式的图标
  • 增加多个快捷键,包括字幕延迟调节、倍速播放重置、窗口大小调节,可以在菜单中看到