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@huzhenghui37 huzhenghui37 released this 01 May 16:34
  • Added preference for setting SPlayer as the default video player (Windows)
  • Added preference for restoring data and settings (macOS)
  • Progress bar control by touchpad is now supported
  • Fixed a bug where wrong season and episode information is shown on the playlist
  • Updated Smart Translation descriptions in the preference panel
  • Fixed a bug where the application would be stuck and show NaN in the progress bar when playing some videos.
  • Fixed a bug where playback history and thumbnails were not logged correctly
  • Fixed a bug where videos in the playlist would not match any translation result
  • 偏好设置新增设为默认视频播放器 (Windows)
  • 支持使用触摸板控制播放进度
  • 修复播放列表显示错误的季数和集数的问题
  • 更新偏好设置面板中对智能翻译的描述
  • 修复播放部分视频时卡住且进度条显示为NaN的问题
  • 修复播放列表无法正确记录播放进度和视频截图的问题
  • 修复加入播放列表的视频无法匹配到翻译结果的问题