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@huzhenghui37 huzhenghui37 released this 08 May 20:44
  • Fixed a bug where Microsoft Store version cannot be set as the default media player (Windows)
  • Fixed multiple issues that are caused by database updates
  • Fixed a bug where menu options sometimes are unable to click (Windows)
  • Fixed a bug where Chinese characters cannot be displayed properly on the subtitle list
  • Fixed multiple animation issues of the preferences panel
  • Added shortcuts (CMD+L / Ctrl+L) for rotating 90° clockwise
  • 修复 Microsoft Store 版不能设置为默认播放器的问题 (Windows)
  • 修复数据库更新导致的一系列问题
  • 修复右键菜单选项有时无法点击的问题 (Windows)
  • 修复中文字幕菜单文字显示不全的问题
  • 修复偏好设置面板中的一些动效问题
  • 新增了旋转画面的快捷键 (CMD+L / Ctrl+L)