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@huzhenghui37 huzhenghui37 released this 29 Jun 04:41
  • Upgraded architecture to bring improvements of stability and reliability
  • Optimized core algorithm of Smart Translation to increase accuracy and success rate
  • Automatically open related videos when opening local subtitles directly
  • Added shortcuts for sliding playlists (←/→)
  • Added shortcuts for previous / next video (Ctrl/CMD + ←/→)
  • Added shortcuts (Ctrl + Q) for quitting the application directly (Windows)
  • Added an option 'Show All' corresponding with 'Hide Others'
  • Added new play/pause icons
  • Added upper limit for volume bar control sensitivity
  • Fixed a bug where season and episode information were wrong
  • Fixed the conflicts between scroll bar on translation panel and volume bar
  • Fixed that some hotkeys failed to work when using Double Pinyin input method
  • 全面升级软件架构,提升了软件稳定性和流畅度
  • 优化智能翻译核心算法,提高了翻译成功率和准确度
  • 增加上一集/下一集的快捷键 (Ctrl/CMD + ←/→)
  • 增加播放列表翻页快捷键 (←/→)
  • 增加直接退出播放器的快捷键 (Ctrl + Q) (Windows)
  • 增加 '隐藏其它' 对应的 '全部显示' 选项
  • 增加新的播放/暂停按钮图标
  • 增加了音量条调节的灵敏度上限
  • 修复文件名季数和集数识别错误的问题
  • 修复翻译面板滚动条和音量调节冲突的问题
  • 修复双拼导致快捷键失效的问题