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@ipy ipy released this 05 Jul 14:24
  • Added thumbnail icons for local subtitle files, including SSA、ASS、SRT、VTT
  • Automatically open related videos when opening local subtitles directly
  • Now closing playing window will not go back to launching page
  • Added shortcuts (Ctrl/CMD + Esc) for going back to launching page
  • Added Escape key on Touch Bar (macOS)
  • Optimized panel style when customized window scaling is applied
  • Fixed wrong background display of the start menu tiles on Windows
  • 增加 SSA、ASS、SRT、VTT 类型字幕文件的缩略图图标
  • 直接打开本地字幕时会自动关联同目录下同名的视频
  • 关闭播放窗口后不再回到启动页
  • 增加回到启动页的快捷键 (Ctrl/CMD + Esc)
  • 在 Touch Bar 上增加 Esc 键 (macOS)
  • 开启窗口自定义缩放时优化面板的样式
  • 修复了图标磁贴背景显示错误的问题 (Windows)