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@ipy ipy released this 12 Jul 10:52
  • Added Welcome Page
  • Added menu option for showing crash reports
  • Modified shortcuts (Ctrl/CMD + E) for going back to launching page
  • Fixed rare stuck issue when playing MKV videos
  • Fixed where the notification cannot be closed after disabling Smart Translation
  • Added support for adjusting primary and secondary subtitle delay separately
  • 增加新手引导页
  • 增加显示错误日志的菜单选项
  • 修改回到启动页的快捷键 (Ctrl/CMD + E)
  • 修复播放部分MKV视频时卡死的问题
  • 修复关闭翻译功能后仍然弹出通知气泡的问题
  • 支持分开调整第一字幕和第二字幕的延迟