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@huzhenghui37 huzhenghui37 released this
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  • Added support and thumbnail icons for DAT file formats
  • Supported removal of local subtitle from the subtitle list
  • Fixed repeated display of the same subtitle in the subtitle list
  • Added error messages when local subtitle is not found
  • Fixed the issue that loop function doesn't work
  • Updated descriptions in the preference panel
  • Fixed the issue that close button cannot close the window immediately
  • Added hot-key for 50% windows size
  • 增加DAT格式文件的播放支持和缩略图图标
  • 现支持将本地字幕从字幕列表中移除
  • 修复相同字幕在列表中重复显示的问题
  • 修复循环播放时常会失效的问题
  • 更新偏好设置面板中的描述文字
  • 修复点击关闭按钮无法立刻退出播放器的问题
  • 增加快捷调节50%窗口大小