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@huzhenghui37 huzhenghui37 released this Mar 23, 2019

  • You can now add, remove and edit items in the playlist
  • Added toggle for enabling secondary subtitle, and supported secondary subtitle display
  • Close the video and return to landing view with "ctrl+w" and quit the player with "ctrl+q"
  • Optimize font kerning for Kana (Japanese)
  • Fixed issue with TS format videos leading to progress bar error
  • Fixed black screen issue when playing some RMVB format videos
  • 增加播放列表的新增、删除、编辑等功能
  • 增加第二字幕开关,并提供第二字幕的显示
  • 现关闭视频后返回播放界面,并对应新增快捷键 "ctrl+w" 和 "ctrl+q"
  • 优化日文假名的字距显示
  • 修复部分TS格式视频导致进度条异常的问题
  • 修复部分RMVB格式视频没有画面的问题
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