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@huzhenghui37 huzhenghui37 released this 30 Mar 12:28
  • New UI & UX design of the secondary subtitle function
  • Updated snapshots and feature previews for all platforms
  • Added Korean, Spanish and Arabic User Interface
  • Added the rotation function, you can activate it from the menu
  • New responsive control panel on playing view
  • Reduced volume bar adjusting velocity when using a mouse, to avoid excessive adjusting.
  • Supported to Identify and avoid loading duplicate local subtitles
  • Added error messages when local subtitle is not found
  • Updated locale file storage format to JSON
  • Fixed the issue that the black background disappears when adjusting playback speed, and which makes the tag obscure
  • Fixed the issue with double images when playing some AVI files
  • Fixed the issue that dragging playlist thumbnail sometimes doesn't work
  • 全新的第二字幕界面与交互设计
  • 更新全平台产品预览图和特性介绍
  • 多语言支持新增韩语、西班牙语和阿拉伯语
  • 增加画面旋转功能,可以在菜单中使用
  • 现在播放界面提供全新的响应式控制面板
  • 降低使用鼠标调节音量条时的加速度,避免过度调节
  • 识别并避免加载重复的本地字幕
  • 增加未找到本地字幕的错误提示
  • 本地语言文件的存储格式更改为JSON
  • 修复调节倍速时黑色背景消失导致看不清标签的问题
  • 修复部分AVI视频画面重复的问题
  • 修复在播放列表中拖动操作偶尔失效的问题