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@huzhenghui37 huzhenghui37 released this
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  • Added the link to shortcuts list page in the help menu
  • Optimized font spacing between Kana, Kanji and English typeface
  • Optimized the default subtitle styles "Anime Style"
  • Fixed display issue with control panel animation
  • Fixed issue with loading previous second subtitle when opening a new video
  • Fixed issue with wrong subtitle position after rotating the video
  • Fixed the issue that preference shortcuts doesn't work on Windows
  • Fixed the issue that videos cannot be opened from the playing history on landing view
  • Optimized Arabic UI to align all the text to right
  • Fixed display issue with Arabic playlist name in playing view
  • Modified "step forward/back 60s" shortcuts from combined keys to "arrow up/down"
  • 在帮助菜单中加入了打开快捷键列表页面的链接
  • 将快进快退60秒的快捷键从组合按键调整为上下键
  • 修复AppStore版本不能通过历史记录打开视频的问题
  • 修复旋转视频后导致字幕位置错误的问题
  • 修复打开新视频后仍会加载之前所选第二字幕的问题
  • 优化日语假名, 日语汉字与英语的间距
  • 优化了预设字幕风格"动漫风格"的样式
  • 修复Windows下打开偏好设置面板快捷键失效的问题
  • 修复使用阿拉伯语时播放列表名称换行错误
  • 优化阿拉伯语右对齐显示
  • 修复播放界面控件动画的显示错误