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@huzhenghui37 huzhenghui37 released this
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  • History playlists will be displayed on the Landing View Page
  • Added preference for enabling reverse scrolling (macOS)
  • Added preference for setting SPlayer as the default video player (macOS)
  • Modified volume control shortcuts to "arrow up/down" (Windows)
  • Supported has been included to upload secondary subtitle
  • Fixed the issue that subtitle delay option in menu sometimes doesn't work
  • Information on the About Page has been updated
  • Optimized the Landing View Page style
  • Fixed the issue with only displaying part of the local subtitle name
  • Fixed black screen issue while playing some AVI format videos
  • 首界面将会记录并显示用户所创建的播放列表
  • 偏好设置新增鼠标滚轮反向的开关 (macOS)
  • 偏好设置新增设为默认视频播放器 (macOS)
  • 音量调节修改为上下键 (Windows)
  • 新增了对上传第二字幕的支持
  • 修复了菜单中字幕延迟选项失效的问题
  • 更新了关于页面上的信息
  • 优化了登陆界面的样式
  • 修复了本地字幕名称显示不全的问题
  • 修复了播放部分AVI格式没有画面的问题