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@ipy ipy released this
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  • The new multi-language Smart Translation feature with speech recognition
  • Added privacy protection settings, including Intelligent Mode and Incognito Mode
  • Added shortcuts (T) for enabling or disabling float on top when playing
  • Added shortcuts (L) for showing or hiding playlist
  • Added an option for switching subtitles off globally
  • Optimized the animation effect of sliding playlist pages
  • Allow recovering the original size by shortcuts after maximizing the window
  • Fixed where embedded subtitle failed to load
  • Fixed where controllers might get stuck when recovering from playing in the background
  • Fixed black screen problem of certain MP4 videos
  • 全新的语音识别和智能翻译功能
  • 新增隐私保护设置,包括智能保护模式和无痕模式
  • 新增播放时保持窗口在前的快捷键 (T)
  • 新增打开或收起播放列表的快捷键 (L)
  • 增加全局关闭字幕显示的选项
  • 优化了播放列表翻页的动画效果
  • 窗口最大化后可用同样快捷键恢复原来大小
  • 修复内嵌字幕无法加载的问题
  • 修复后台播放恢复时控件会卡主的问题
  • 修复了播放部分MP4文件黑屏的问题