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@ipy ipy released this Aug 12, 2019

  • Optimized the performance of Privacy Protection Intelligent Mode
  • Fixed where the application might stutter when starting or quitting
  • Fixed where Smart Translation might fail to fetch the task progress
  • Fixed where resetting all content and settings failed
  • Fixed where embedded subtitles failed to display if the video file was moved
  • 优化隐私保护智能模式的性能
  • 修复应用开启和关闭时卡顿的问题
  • 修复智能翻译无法获取任务进度的问题
  • 修复抹除所有设置功能失效的问题
  • 修复文件位置移动导致内嵌字幕无法显示的问题
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