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@ipy ipy released this Aug 20, 2019

  • Added the display of multiple embedded subtitle language names
  • Optimized the icon size of Play/Pause button and the trigger area
  • Optimized the calculation logic of adjusting to 50% of the window size (CMD/Ctrl + 0)
  • Fixed where welcome page would be loaded each time when opening the application
  • Fixed where the second subtitle would automatically switch to
  • Fixed rare not responding issues while opening the application
  • Fixed where progress bar would be triggered while sliding pages with Left/Right Arrow in the playlist
  • 新增多种内嵌字幕语言名称的显示
  • 优化播放暂停按钮的大小和触发区域
  • 优化调节50%窗口大小的功能逻辑 (CMD/Ctrl + 0)
  • 修复每次打开应用都会加载欢迎界面的问题
  • 修复第二字幕会自动勾选"关闭"的问题
  • 修复极少数打开应用无响应的问题
  • 修复在播放列表中用左右键翻页时会触发视频进度条的问题
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