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@ipy ipy released this
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  • Added support for checking for updates automatically or manually (Mac & Windows Installer)
  • Added channel sidebar on the launching page
  • Further enhancement of the support for Touch Bar in different scenarios
  • Optimized the trigger area of replay and play next button at the start and end of the progress bar
  • Optimized the capacity of server when handling a lot of AI Translation requests simultaneously
  • Optimized the font style of the subtitle to make it more legible
  • Optimized the style and content of the notification bubble
  • Optimized the calculation rule of the window size when switching videos
  • Improved the efficiency and fluency of the thumbnail preview
  • Streamlined the user experience of the Smart Translation
  • Fixed where Simplified Chinese were improperly translated into Traditional Chinese
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with DAT format files
  • Fixed some issues that might lead to wrong Japanese Translations
  • Fixed where videos with special characters in the file name cannot be played properly
  • Fixed where some subtitles cannot be displayed properly
  • Fixed where improperly loading thumbnails and snapshots of previous videos
  • Fixed the stutter issue that could occur when recovering AVI format videos from pausing
  • Fixed where progressing bar might be unintendly trigged while adjusting the volume bar by touchpad
  • 新增自动和手动检查版本更新的功能 (Mac & Windows Installer)
  • 新增着陆页的频道侧边栏
  • 进一步优化 Touch Bar 在不同场景下的功能和体验
  • 优化进度条左右两侧重播和下一集按钮触发区域
  • 优化较多用户同时使用智能翻译效率的效率
  • 优化字体显示使字幕更清晰易读
  • 优化应用内通知系统使之更清晰准确
  • 优化视频切换时调整播放窗口大小的规则
  • 优化智能翻译功能的交互流程
  • 优化视频缩略图预览的效率和流畅度
  • 修复部分简体中文错误地翻译为繁体的问题
  • 修复部分DAT格式视频的兼容性问题
  • 修复部分导致日语翻译失败的问题
  • 修复带有特殊字符文件名的视频无法播放的问题
  • 修复部分字幕时间轴解析错误的问题
  • 修复错误加载上一个视频截图和缩略图的问题
  • 修复部分AVI视频从暂停恢复时会卡住的问题
  • 修复触摸板调节音量时容易同时误触进度调节的问题