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@ipy ipy released this Sep 10, 2019

  • Substantially improved the speech recognition and translation quality of English and Chinese
  • Fixed the issue where the application would stay maximized after moving the window
  • Fixed the issue where the maximized window would be unresponsive after being moved
  • Fixed the issue where local subtitles cannot be loaded manually
  • Fixed the compatibility issue of some SRT format subtitles
  • More bug fixes and performance improvements
  • 改善了英语和汉语(普通话)语音识别断句和标点准确度
  • 修复Windows版本窗口最大化时拖动窗口的问题
  • 修复Mac版本窗口最大化拖动后无法响应操作问题
  • 修复部分无法手动载入本地字幕文件的问题
  • 修复对部分SRT文件的兼容性问题
  • 修复和优化其他细节问题
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