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@ipy ipy released this 20 Sep 09:46
  • The all new video browser mode, including the support for online streaming videos, picture-in-picture mode.
  • Supported WebVTT format subtitles converted by youtube-dl
  • Added animation effect when switching the float on top status
  • Optimized the display of long subtitles by auto wrapping
  • Optimized the compatibility and loading speed of embedded subtitles
  • Increased the speech recognition efficiency of certain videos with center channel audio
  • Improved the function and description of incognito mode.
  • Fixed where English results might be automatically removed after generating a Chinese AI translation
  • Fixed a bug where some UI controllers cannot hide automatically in PiP mode
  • Fixed some compatibility issues of certain AVI and FLV format videos
  • Fixed a bug where items in the folder list were sorted in wrong sequence
  • Fixed some playback bugs when the Repeat One function was enabled
  • Fixed some minor bugs that might happen in the browser mode
  • 全新浏览器模式提供在线视频播放和画中画等功能
  • 优化部分含中置声道格式语音识别的效率
  • 优化了无痕模式的功能和说明
  • 支持通过 youtube-dl 转换的 WebVTT 字幕
  • 切换播放时置顶 (T) 功能时增加反馈动效
  • 优化过长字幕的自动换行显示
  • 优化并提高内嵌字幕的兼容性和加载速度
  • 修复生成中文AI翻译后英语结果可能会自动删除的问题
  • 修复画中画中模式下部分控件无法自动隐藏的问题
  • 修复了部分AVI和FLV格式视频的播放兼容性问题
  • 修复加载同目录文件到播放列表时排序错误的问题
  • 修复开启单集循环功能所导致的一些播放问题
  • 修复了浏览器模式多个功能和样式的问题