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@ipy ipy released this
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  • Optimized the caching mechanism to increase the performance in Browser Mode
  • Added the new channel 'Douyu' in Browser mode
  • Enhanced the time indicator to allow toggling the display of total time and elapsed time
  • Added the button for opening local video files in Browser Mode
  • Added multiple button tooltips in Browser Mode
  • Fixed a bug where the timeline of the AI Translation was not correct
  • Fixed the issue where some FLV format videos might show black screen
  • Fixed the high memory usage issue while switching videos frequently
  • Fixed the issue that SPlayer cannot be set as the default video player
  • Exit SPlayer when close the only PIP window.
  • More minor bug fixes and improvements
  • 优化浏览器缓存管理提高性能
  • 浏览器模式新增斗鱼直播频道
  • 在播放界面点击当前播放时间可以显示视频总时长
  • 增加浏览器模式下打开本地视频按钮
  • 增加浏览器按钮的文字提示
  • 修复部分AI翻译和音频时间对不上的问题
  • 修复播放部分FLV视频会黑屏的问题
  • 修复频繁切换视频导致内存占用过大的问题
  • 修复无法设为默认播放器的问题
  • Windows 版本关闭画中画直接退出软件
  • 修复其他已发现的问题