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@ipy ipy released this
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  • Added new channels Tencent Video, Youku, Twitch in Browser Mode
  • Added new educational channels Coursera, TED in Browser Mode
  • Adding, removing and sorting channels are now supported
  • Now you can pin the playlist to the launching page
  • Optimized the preference settings of the Incognito Mode
  • Optimized the startup time of the application
  • Optimized the display position and font style of the second subtitle
  • Substantially reduced the size of the installation package
  • Added an identifier on the launching page when running in Incognito Mode
  • Improved the interactive design of AI Translation
  • Enhanced the compatibility of certain MKV format videos
  • Fixed a bug where the clear playback history option is missing on Windows
  • Fixed the stutter issue while playing some AVI videos
  • 浏览器模式新增腾讯视频、优酷、Twitch 频道
  • 浏览器模式新增教育类 Coursera、TED 频道
  • 浏览器模式可自定义增减频道和排序
  • 可以将播放列表保存到启动页面上
  • 优化了无痕模式的偏好设置选项
  • 优化了软件的启动速度
  • 优化了第二字幕的位置和样式
  • 大幅优化了安装包大小
  • 开启无痕模式后将在启动页上增加标签提示
  • 优化 AI 智能翻译的交互设计
  • 提高了对部分MKV格式视频的兼容性
  • 修复 Windows 菜单中没有清空播放记录选项的问题
  • 修复部分 AVI 播放卡顿的问题