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@ipy ipy released this
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  • Added the sidebar in the Playing mode (Hotkey: C)
  • Added the Float When Playing button on PIP window (Hotkey: T)
  • Added the new Loop Playlist feature
  • Smart Translation now supported Turkish, Dutch and Romania language
  • Added new channels in the Browser, including QQ Sports Live, Lynda, WWDC, IMOOC, NetEase MOOC etc.
  • Fixed a bug where the mute icon could be missing
  • Fixed a bug where the titlebar could be missing on Windows
  • Fixed a bug where some shortcuts might not be working when using specific input methods
  • Fixed a bug where current playback progress would be dropped when switching videos
  • Improved stability and performance
  • 播放窗口中新增侧边栏功能 (快捷键 C)
  • 浏览器画中画窗口增加播放时置顶按钮 (快捷键 T)
  • 增加播放列表的循环播放功能
  • 智能翻译新增对土耳其语、荷兰语和罗马尼亚语的支持
  • 浏览器模式新增:腾讯体育、Lynda、WWDC、网易公开课、网易云课堂、慕课网、中国大学MOOC频道
  • 修复音量图标可能会消失的问题
  • 修复Windows版本可能没有标题栏的问题
  • 修复输入法问题导致部分快捷键失效的问题
  • 修复换集时无法记录当前视频播放进度的问题
  • 提升版本稳定性和性能