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@ipy ipy released this
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  • Added a new built-in editor for subtitles and timeline with real-time preview
  • Added support for H/W decoding for HEVC (H.265) compression standard videos (macOS)
  • Added a toggle switch for H/W decoding in the preference (macOS)
  • Added support for amplifying the volume to 500%
  • Added support for downloading online videos
  • Video less than 60s will be played in single-loop-mode by default
  • Added support for exporting local subtitle files after adjusting the delay
  • Improved the interactive of customized channel in browsing mode
  • Improved the procedure of resume playing
  • Premium users can download online video without limitation
  • Added support for submitting bug reports
  • Fixed a bug where the generated thumbnails might have black borders
  • Fixed rare failures where regenerating AI translation was not working correctly
  • Fixed a bug where moving window might stutter if the display scaling was not 100%
  • Fixed a bug where the recent playlist in menu might be empty on Windows
  • 新增提供实时预览的时间轴和字幕编辑工具
  • 支持 HEVC (H.265) 标准视频的硬件解码(macOS)
  • 在偏好设置中增加硬件解码开关(macOS)
  • 支持将音量上限提高至500%
  • 新增在线视频下载功能
  • 小于60秒的视频将自动开启单曲循环
  • 支持调整延迟后导出本地字幕
  • 优化了自定义频道的操作交互
  • 提高了打开视频继续播放的流畅度
  • 付费用户支持无限制下载在线视频
  • 新增错误日志提交功能
  • 修复生成的缩略图可能会出现黑边的问题
  • 修复 Windows 版本桌面缩放非100%时拖动卡顿的问题
  • 修复 Windows 版本菜单无法显示最近播放文件的错误
  • 修复AI翻译选错源语言后重新翻译失效的问题