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@ipy ipy released this 02 Feb 02:05
  • AI Translation Points expansion pack is now available
  • Added support for image-based embedded subtitles (SUB/SUP)
  • Added dark theme in the Browser Mode
  • Added contributor credits on the About page
  • Fixed a bug where the window sometimes could not be closed
  • Added support for setting the screenshots folder
  • 开放智能翻译和语音识别时长购买
  • 增加对图形内嵌字幕的支持 (SUB/SUP)
  • 增加浏览器深色主题
  • 关于页面中新增贡献者名单
  • 修复窗口有时无法关闭的问题
  • 增加截图目录设置