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=============== Qfm ===================
Qfm is a Qt based file manager that's intended to be use only by keyboard.

=============== MiniFAQ ===============
- Why not just use the console?
- Many reasons, but the main ones are that this way it's portable to every
SO where Qt works (Linux, Windows, MacOSX). And the other one is that graphic 
user interfaces have a couple of advantages that console basic text editing 
doesn't have.

- Why another file manager?
- First of all, I reinvent the wheel just for fun. But apart from that, I
wanted to make a file manager that I liked from top to bottom. I'm used to
use vim, so I'll probably borrow some ideas from there. And I use dwm as a
window manager, so you see the pattern here.

- What does qfm offer me?
- Not much right now, but the main ideas in which qfm is based are these:
	- Persistent selection (even when navigating directories).
	- Full keyboard driven UI.
	- Comunication between different instances of qfm (this is my shared 
	memory experiment).
	- Simple, extensible design.

- Can I use qfm right now?
- You can. But is really not that stable right now (e.g. I haven't test it much)

- Why qfm?
- I wanted something short to type.

=============== MiniHelp ==============
Short cuts:
	J - Go down in the directory buffer.
	K - Go up in the directory buffer.
	L - Change the current file in the directory buffer to the selected buffer.
	U - Go down in the selected buffer.
	I - Go up in the selected buffer.
	O - Change the curret file in the selected buffer to the directory buffer
	Enter - Change to the current directory. Does nothing with files.
	Y - Loads the copy command to the selected files.
	C - Loads the cut command to the selected files.
	D - Deletes the selected files.
	P - Flushes the loaded command in the currect directory.

=============== Contribute ============
I need help with this if you want qfm to be really usable. This is a mini project
of mine, and I'm going to use it, but for this to get to a stable stage, I
need many eyes and hands in the code.

=============== License ===============
This is licensed GPLv2, even if the files don't have the header yet.