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An ICE RPC implementation for node

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::WARNING:: This is very much a work in progress

This project provides a bridge to the ZeroC ICE RPC framework.

What follows is a simple example. Note that this hasn't yet even been fully implemented but this
should give you an idea of what we're aiming for:

``` js
var ice = require('ice')
	, Demo = require('./gen-src/Demo')

try {
	var communicator = new ice.initialize("SimplePrinter:default -p 9000");
	var proxy = communicator.stringToProxy("Demo/Printer -f m0");
	var printer = Demo.PrinterPrx.ice_checkCast(proxy,'::Demo::Printer');
	print.printString("Hello World!",function(err){
		if(err) throw err;
} catch(err) {
	console.log('unable to connect to ice');
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