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Implement Operation Department for JSS (Jan Swasthya Sahyog)
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An application for JSS using openMRS rest services

Steps to get the application running

  • Install ruby preferably version 1.9.2+. Ensure that ruby is in your path.

  • git clone the repository

  • Run the following from the root of your project.

  gem install rack rake
  • Create symlinks for pointing to development
  rake switch_to:dev
  • Bring up the server in development mode
  • Visit http://localhost:9292

Run under production environment

  • Create symlinks for pointing to development
  rake switch_to:prod
  • Ensure that assets are minified. See 'Minify assets' for more details.

  • Bring up the server in production mode

  rackup -E production
  • Visit http://localhost:9292

Run tests

  • From the root directory of the project run these commands
  • Visit http://localhost:8888

Minify assets

  • We are using juicer to minify assets. This internally uses YUI-compressor. 'java' should be available in your path for this to work.

  • If you want to install tools to minify javascript and stylesheet files on your local box, run the following command. This is a one-time step.

  gem install juicer
  juicer install yui_compressor
  juicer install jslint
  • From the root directory of the project run
  rake minify
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