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ReduceFlicker for Avisynth2.6/Avisynth+

This is a rewite of ReduceFlicker which written by Rainer Wittmann.
This plugin has only ReduceFlicker(). ReduceFluctuation() and LockClense() are not implemented.


- avisynth2.60/avisynth+r1576 or later.
- WindowsVista sp2 or later.
- Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2015.


ReduceFlicker(clip, int "strength", bool "aggressive", bool "grey", int "opt")


All planar formats(YV24/YV16/YV12/YV411/Y8) are supported.


Specify the strength of ReduceFlicker. Higher values mean more aggressive operation.

1 - makes use of 4(current + 2*previous + 1*next) frames .
2(default) - makes use of 5(current + 2*previous + 2*next) frames.
3 - makes use of 7(current + 3*previous + 3*next) frames.


If set this to true, then a significantly more aggressive variant of the algorithm is selected.
Default value is false.


Whether chroma planes will be processed or not. If set this to true, chroma planes will be garbage.
Default value is false.


Controls which cpu optimizations are used.
Currently, this filter has three(C++, SSE2 and AVX2) routines.

0 - Use C++ routine.
1 - Use SSE2 routine.
others(default) - Use AVX2 routine if possible.
                  If your machine does not have AVX2 or you are using avisynth2.6,
                  fallback to 1.


GPLv2 or later.

Source code:
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