An Actionscript 3.0 package to read .xlsx Open XML Excel or Open Office spreadsheets
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#AS3 (Actionscript 3) XLSX READER

A reader for excel files in Flash, Flex and Air

Copyright (c) 2011 Ben Morrow



Just add the swc to your library path

###Advanced (for modifying source/building your own)

  1. Clone master e.g. git clone
  2. cd as3-xlsx-reader
  3. Fetch Fzip using git submodule foreach git pull origin master
  4. Now open the projects in the projects directories.

as3-xlsx-reader is a library project which can be used to build the core (outputs to bin folder)

as3-xlsx-reader-example is an adobe air project which can build a quick example

####command line compilation using Flex SDK

  1. cd as3-xlsx-reader
  2. Build the library: `compc -include-sources=src -library-path=libs/fzip/bin/fzip.swc -output bin/as3-xlsx-reader.swc``
  3. Build the Example: mxmlc -source-path=projects/as3-xlsx-reader-example/src/ -library-path=bin/as3-xlsx-reader.swc -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries=true -use-network=false -debug=true -output=projects/as3-xlsx-reader-example/bin-debug/LoadXLSXExample.swf projects/as3-xlsx-reader-example/src/
  4. Copy the Spreadsheet to the debug folder: cp projects/as3-xlsx-reader-example/assets/*.xlsx projects/as3-xlsx-reader-example/bin-debug/
  5. run with fdb: fdb projects/as3-xlsx-reader-example/bin-debug/LoadXLSXExample.swf
  6. type continue for output


Look at for an example that can be used from flash, flex or with adobe air.


Released under MIT LICENSE