@chilipeppr chilipeppr released this Nov 27, 2017 · 17 commits to master since this release

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Changes in 1.95

  • Added better TCP server module to Cayenn to support ESP8266 and ESP32 sending tcp messages into SPJS to regurgitate to browser, i.e. back up to ChiliPeppr. Prior to this only UDP messages were being handled gracefully.
  • Made logging turn off later to see more info on startup of what ports SPJS is running on
  • Added a better error output when address port already in use to help folks who do not realize they may be trying to run SPJS a 2nd time
  • Added ability to turn off Cayenn UDP/TCP server
  • Added ability to run -createstartupscript on Linux to create an /etc/init.d launcher for auto-start of SPJS on boot

@chilipeppr chilipeppr released this Jan 17, 2017 · 26 commits to master since this release

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Grbl buffer flow adding the following strings jumping the buffer to front of line. "[!~?]|(\u0018)|[\u0080-\u00FF]"
TinyG G2 buffer max changed to 250 from 100.
Added TCP server for Cayenn.
Added mutex lock in serial port opening to alleviate some deadlocking on opening of ports.

@chilipeppr chilipeppr released this Apr 24, 2016 · 48 commits to master since this release

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A server for the Internet of Things. Lets you serve up serial ports to websockets so you can write front-end apps for your IoT devices in the browser.

New in 1.92

  • HTTPS and WSS support courtesy of Stewart Allen. Sample cert and key provided in release zip/tar file. Copy sample files to cert.pem and key.pem to have SPJS enable HTTPS/WSS support or use command line parameters of -scert mycert.pem -skey mykey.pem to specify files.
  • Added fix for opening 2nd or more serial ports where there was a block opening an additional port
Aug 17, 2015
Version 1.84