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+For the impatient: [report][cpo_new-issue], confirm, claim,
+[fork][gh_chiliproject], [branch][cpo_contribute-code-branch],
+[write][cpo_code-standards], [test][cpo_code-review], push.
+The short version:
+* Make sure the issue you are working on is reported and confirmed, add a note
+ to the issue to claim your intention to work on it.
+* Fork [ChiliProject on GitHub][gh_chiliproject]
+* Create a new branch from `master` with a descriptive name prefixed by the
+ issue ID (Example: `123-change_background_from_black_to_blue`).
+* Make changes according to our [Code Standards][cpo_code-standards].
+ 1. Be sure to include tests as necessary.
+ 1. Make sure to not break existing tests.
+ 1. Please try to make sure your code is going to pass a [Code
+ Review][cpo_code-review] prior to submitting the patch. If in doubt, just ask.
+* Either upload your branch to GitHub and send a pull request to the
+ ChiliProject repository, or attach a patch to the issue on ChiliProject. If
+ you send a pull request on GitHub, remember to link to the pull request in the
+ issue you create on ChiliProject and to link to the issue on ChiliProject in
+ the pull request on GitHub.
+* Make sure you watch the corresponding issue in case any discussion arises or
+ improvements are needed.
+The long version is on the [Contribute Code][cpo_contribute-code] page.

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