Try to build a vagrant environment for ChiliProject development, maybe deployments too.
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ChiliProject Vagrant

Try to build a Vagrant environment for ChiliProject development, maybe deployments too.

The default configuration will setup a PostgreSQL server, Apache + Passenger and a single ChiliProject instance checked out from the master branch.

You can customize the instance in data_bags/chiliproject/default.json. Please refer to the documentation of the chiliproject cookbook for configuration details.

If you use this repository as a basis for a production deployment, you HAVE TO adapt the configuration and change the secret keys and passwords.


# Install required gems
bundle install

# start the Vagrant VM
vagrant up

After that is done, point your browser to http://localhost:4223.

NOTE: Remember to import the default data for your locale by visiting the Administration page of your new installation.

Known issues

  • The networking section could use more work
  • The folder containing the current source should be exported



Copyright (c) 2012 The ChiliProject Team

This software is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.