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Chilkat SMTPQ

This repo provides Visual Studio 2011 C++ and C# projects for the Chilkat SMTPQ Windows Service.

What is Included


This is the Visual Studio 2011 solution that contains the individual projects:

  1. SmtpQService -- This is the SMTPQ Windows service, which can be built for 32-bit or 64-bit.
  2. TestSmtpQ -- This is a project for testing and debugging the SMTPQ service code.
  3. ServiceManage -- A C# project for installing, starting, stopping, and uninstalling any Windows Service.
  4. SmtpQConfigure -- A C# project for managing the Windows registry entries associated with the SMTPQ service.


The Chilkat C++ headers and static libs are located under this directory. The ChilkatSmtpQ service must link with the Chilkat libs.


The bin directory contains the executables produced when building any of the projects.

Chilkat License Required -- Insert Unlock Code in svc.cpp

The SMTPQ service requires a purchased unlock code to be inserted in the svc.cpp source file. The following line must be modified:

const char *g_UnlockCode = "Anything for 30-day trial.";

Important Notes:

  1. The ServiceManage and SmtpQConfigure apps are 100% managed C# applications. They need to be run with administrative privileges.
  2. The ServiceManage and SmtpQConfigure apps have the "Prefer 32-bit" checkbox checked in the "Build" section of the Project Properties. Therefore, these apps run as 32-bit applications and work with the 32-bit build of SMTPQ (i.e. ChilkatSmtpQ_32bit.exe)
  3. If you use ServiceManage to uninstall the service, and then need to re-install, exit the ServiceManage app and restart. For some unknown reason it fails to install the service unless this happens.