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@michaelstaib michaelstaib released this Dec 25, 2019

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  • 64dc2eb Updated Changelog
  • 495af23 Updated StarWars Example Template
  • 453163d Updated Server Template
  • 596c8bc Added support for immutable classes and optionals to input types. (#1317)
  • d180ff9 Fixed issue where the lazy configurations were not executed. (#1316)
  • 57b096b Merged changelog.
  • 3901345 Added attribute support to filtering and sorting. (#1310)
  • 3c13d15 updated changelog
  • e79b41d Made the GraphQL request error handling consistent. (#1309)
  • 1b0efcb Fixed variables in list
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  • 6d0c509 Fixed parser error handling in middleware & directive delegation. (#1308)
  • 9c7ebbb Added authorize attribute. (#1307)
  • b4c04a5 Refine Attribute Support (#1306)
  • 3d8fa25 Fixed clr type binding for issue with new type discovery. (#1304)
  • 1252157 Added support for generic object type extensions. (#1297)
  • e6c189b Added one more case for argument data (#1293)
  • 22d8156 Improve Type Discovery (#1281)
  • 9f1e8d7 Fixed handling of rewritten non-null reference types. (#1288)
  • c8b7efe Fixed issue where the rented buffer was to early returned. (#1277)
  • 82105ee Fixed issue with custom scalar types in delegated fields (schema stitching) (#1221)
  • c5d4900 Introduced Subscribe Resolver for IAsyncEnumerable (#1262)
  • 293058b Detect if a queryable already has a sorting (#1253)
  • 06ff9e7 Updated Changelog
  • 454d283 Updated Tests Tools (#1246)
  • 41a88b5 Stops adding the __typename field when it's in selection (#1248)
  • 6e97196 Fixed explicit binding of sorting types.
  • d552502 Added more nullable type rewriter tests.
  • e53b111 Streamlined Null Inspection
  • ec88207 Fix method nullable detection (#1241)
  • 66db799 Fixed Nullable Detection (#1240)
  • 2e5cad0 Added Descriptor Attributes (#1238)
  • d073c63 Infer non-nullability from C# ref types enhancement (#1236)
  • ab34dbc Fixes #1210. Create a new service scope when cloning RequestContext (#1211)
  • 1255841 Fixed: Queryable visitor was missing type conversion parameter.

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