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  • 10.4.0
  • e0d0574
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  • 10.4.0
  • e0d0574
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@michaelstaib michaelstaib released this Mar 18, 2020

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  • e0d0574 Feat use selection improvements (#1555)
  • 3b9e329 Introduces fully serial execution strategy (#1552)
  • 47c61e1 Allow name and description attributes on structs and interfaces
  • 0055455 Introduced TrySetServices on the request
  • 6a994a6 Subscription Refinements (#1547)
  • 69dad6b refined unignore (#1468)
  • 66679d5 Fixed and issue that caused the implements of object type to not be merged when interfaces where added to the object type extension V10 (#1544)
  • 58b06a6 Fix use selection (#1540)
  • d3c40e6 updated change log
  • 8302ae7 Added support for IQueryable Projections (#1446)
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  • 6dbe61e fixed uuid test
  • 60ae7e2 Fixed uuid type
  • cd4ed31 fixed compile issue
  • e69b035 Updated Serializer
  • c8e0c9c Alligned json package
  • 92bd899 Aligned Pipelines Package Version
  • 5320e07 Merge branch 'version_10_0_0_master' of into version_10_0_0_master
  • 3f10d3e Migrated V11 serialization to V10
  • 707dabc Removed Nullable Attribute
  • b3290f4 code cleanup
  • 0a22234 Merge branch 'version_10_0_0_master' of into version_10_0_0_master
  • 0d6af95 Added optimized dictionary to for schema objects
  • 31e9b46 Fixed: Type issue dependencies where not always copied correctly
  • 0b706bb reformatted tests
  • 76f2250 Added DataLoader Base Classes (#1505)
  • 19141a1 Changed Member Discovery (#1502)
  • 3f19b6a Fixed handling of variables when delegating data fetching through the stitching context. (#1390)
  • 45772fe Fixed not equals for comparables
  • 46ba880 Added support for value task to the field name tools
  • 190b045 Fixed subscription issues
  • 795116b Added new subscription pub/sub. (#1480)
  • 499ddfe Fixed introspection bug and added integration tests
  • 33dec82 added integration tests for include
  • 0d8763d Introduced new state attributes (#1478)
  • 82a99a4 Infer Default Values From Parameters and Properties V10 (#1471)
  • 8d89f40 Add Unignore (#1458)
  • 012c471 Fixed: Nullable properties will no longer lead to errors in the sorting middleware (#1419)
  • bbab143 Fixed compile issue after cherry pick
  • c9f5e60 Add Subscribe Resolver Compiler (#1405)
  • 2bd2f41 Fixed issue where the backing type was rejected during deserialization.

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