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Samurai - A cross-platform game

Some ideas are up on the wiki but the best place to find out what is going on is in our jabbr!

Getting started

Getting started with Git and GitHub

Once you're familiar with Git and GitHub, clone the repository and run the .\build.cmd script to compile the code and run all the unit tests. You can use this script to test your changes quickly.

Discussing ideas

  • Trello Board - add ideas, or claim an idea and start working on it!
  • JabbR Chatroom - discuss things in real-time with people all over the world!

Other bits and pieces

For the server you'll need:

  • MVC4 - we're using the latest and greatest!

  • Mongo - for the persisting of current game objects install notes

  • And SQL Express for the User and Stats

For the current clients you'll need:

  • Windows Phone 7 SDK

  • The WP7 SDK will also install the XNA bits compatible for Windows as well.

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