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ChilliSource v2.2.3

ChilliSource is an open source, cross-platform game engine designed by game developers for game developers. It is completely free to use (now and forever), released under the MIT License.

iOS Android Windows Raspberry Pi
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Main Features

  • Tried and Tested - Has been used to build commercial games for large companies.
  • Cross-platform - Write once and deploy to multiple platforms: iOS, Android and Windows PC.
  • Modern C++ - Take advantage of modern C++ features including lambdas, smart pointers, etc.
  • 3D - Create games in 3D using skeletal animations, shaders, lighting and shadows.
  • 2D - Create 2D games using sprites and atlases.
  • UI - Create dynamic UI that adapts to different devices using ChilliSource's widget library and support for adding custom widgets.
  • Audio - Play music and sound effects using the popular Cricket Audio library.
  • Expand - Hook into OS lifecycle events to add your own 3rd party libs.

Getting Started

The Getting Started: What You'll Need tutorial provides a good starting point for working with ChilliSource. It demonstrates how to create and build a new project. Also check out the other tutorials for more information.

If you have any development questions or suggestions for the engine please post them on the ChilliSource Forum. Any bugs encountered should be reported using Github Issues.

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Built with Cricket Audio

Usage of the Cricket Audio System is covered by the Cricket Audio free license (described at
For other licensing options, please visit