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SilverStripe project to convert the old $lang format to YML
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i18n YML Format Converter


Converts SilverStripe's language files from a PHP array (the $lang global) to a YML file adhereing to the Rails 2.2 i18n conventions. This allows us to import the files into, and export the translations from there again.

Also normalizes the locale names a bit, in anticipation of allowing translation fallbacks in SS3 through the Zend_Translate framework. For example, 'en_US.php' becomes 'en.yml'.

Removes duplicate translations, and moves outdated translations between sapphire and cms.


  • Ingo Schommer (ingo at silverstripe dot com)


All modules: sake dev/tasks/i18nYMLConverterTask Single module: sake dev/tasks/i18nYMLConverterTask module=<mymodule>

By default, the newly created


  • Write custom Zend_Translate backend to deal with the YML files in SilverStripe
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