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Code Examples for "SilverStripe: The Complete Guide to CMS Development" (Wiley)

Authors: Ingo Schommer, Steven Broschart, ISBN: 978-0470681831

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Each subfolder in this repository is its own SilverStripe project. The projects are related to book chapters, and roughly build upon each other (meaning 5_development/ contains all code from 4_first_steps/).

  • 4_first_steps/: See Chapter 4, "First Steps". Standard cms installation with sample data and the "userforms" and "blog" modules.

  • 5_development/: See Chapter 5, "Development". Start of the job portal code in mysite/ folder.

  • 6_crm/: See Chapter 6, "CRM". Continued codebase of 5_development/, with "multiform" module and ModelAdmin implementations.

  • 11_recipes/: See Chapter 11, "Recipes". Contains all recipes apart from Section 11.9.

  • 11_recipes_flash/: See Chapter 11, "Recipes", Section 11.9, "A fully Flash-based website" Contains Flash sourcefiles and PHP XML code generation necessary for flash-based recipe.

  • 12_extending/: See Chapter 12, "Extending". Contains decorators and unit tests, as well as the code from 5_development/ and 6_crm/ packaged up as a module in the jobs/ folder.

See README.txt in subfolders for installation instructions.



Each subfolder in this repository is effectively a SilverStripe webroot. To install, simply copy mysite/_config_example.php to mysite/_config.php and adjust the database settings. IMPORTANT: Do NOT use the SilverStripe installer (install.php), as this will override your _config.php, removing any important preferences that might have been pre-set in there.

Helping out

We're hoping to keep these examples "alive" beyond the lifespan of the book. This mainly means keeping the examples working with new SilverStripe releases, through testing and compatibility fixes. Extensions/customizations to the examples are best kept in forks of this repository, as we strive to keep the book content matching the actual code.


Do these examples work for the German book as well?

No, they have been significantly updated and changed - the German book and code examples were tested on an early SilverStripe 2.3 beta version.

How do I figure out which module versions are used in the example projects?

Dependencies are managed with, a small ruby script that copies files from a target repository, in our case It also creates a small file called piston.yml in each checked-out folder, which contains the revision it was last updates, as well as the subversion tree (and version number). For example, the version of blog module used for chapter 6 is in 6_crm/blog/.piston.yml (repository_url:

I've found a bug in the example code, where do I file it?

We've got a [](wiki page ) for general book errata, but preferrably bugs are filed as [](github issues).

I've found a bug in SilverStripe, where do I file it?

Please use the usual [](SilverStripe Bugtracker).