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h1. New Release
h2. Tagging the Repo
Find all the changes since the last release. For example, if the last release
was 'v0.1.1' and you're on master (ie. v0.1.1..master (master is optional)):
git tag -l
# now change these
export BRANCH=master
export PREV_REL=0.2.0
export RELEASE=0.3.0
git commit -m "Prepare for new release of AwsSum (v$RELEASE)" PACKAGING
git show
git push origin $BRANCH
git log v${PREV_REL}..HEAD | grep '^ ' | tac | sed 's/^ / */' | xclip
Update debian/changelog: dch -v $RELEASE -D lucid
git commit -m "Update changelog for release v$RELEASE" debian/changelog
git show
git push origin $BRANCH
Test build it and release it (see below).
Then tag the release;
git tag -m "Release v$RELEASE" v$RELEASE
git tag -l
git push origin v$RELEASE
h2. Making the Packages and Pushing them to the Debian Repository
Test build:
cd ~/cloudbridge/easybc/
git fetch && git rebase origin/$BRANCH && make build
dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -tc -t -b
Add it to the repo:
cd ../../appsattic/packages
git fetch
git rebase origin/master
./ ubuntu ../{awssum,libawssum-perl}*_${RELEASE}_all.deb
find . -name "*awssum*${RELEASE}_all.deb" | xargs git add
git status
Review the updates, rm the files we no longer need, add the new ones and commit:
git commit -a -m "New release (v$RELEASE) of AwsSum" # also deletes the ones missing
git push origin master
make rsync
cd -