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Library to write aggregated time-based stats to Redis (and other backends).
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Rustle is a stats aggregation library which can use a number of backends for storing a fixed-size database. It is similar in design to RRD and Whisper but uses Redis, Files, Memory or any number of other backends (currently only Redis is implemented).


Imagine we wanted to keep a count of the number of hits on our homepage every minute and retain all stats for one year. We'd set up a stat such as the following:

var redis = require('redis');
var rustle = require('rustle');

var client = redis.createClient();

var homepageHits = rustle({
    client       : client,

    // keys are prefixed : "<domain>:<category>:<name>"
    domain       : 'cssminifier',      //
    category     : 'hits',             // 
    name         : 'homepage',         // 
    period       : 60,                 // one minute
    aggregation  : 'sum',              // average, sum, last, max, min

To increment the number of hits: {
   // ...

If you'd like to know which periods have info:

homepageHits.keys(function(err, keys) {
   // ...

If you'd like to get all the periods and their values:

homepageHits.values(function(err, periods) {
   // ...

If you'd like to get a subrange of values:

var opts = { from : 1374554520, to : 1374555120 };
homepageHits.values(opts, function(err, periods) {
   // ...

If you'd like to get a aggregate a range of values into larger periods (e.g. 5 mins):

var opts = { from : 1374554520, to : 1374555120, period : 300 };
homepageHits.values(opts, function(err, periods) {
   // ...


  • ability to stream values to disk
  • other aggregations, such as avg, min, max


Written by Andrew Chilton - Blog - Twitter.


Copyright © 2013 Andrew Chilton All rights reserved.



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