Reading SMS messages from HUAWEI portable modem
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A simple application for getting all the SMSes stored on the Huawei mobile modems. I made it, because my provider only has a Windows application, and I need to check the messages from time to time :)

Building and running

  1. Get the code: $ git clone

  2. make:

 $ make  

 Making smsread...
 g++ -Wall -o bin/smsread main.cpp
  1. If all went well, run as root:
    # ./bin/smsread

You should see something like this:

 # ./bin/smsread 
 Sending stuff...
 Message #0 From: +000001234567 on "13/01/06 at 21:06:06+08"
 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus tincidunt quam nec leo accumsan a blandit  
 dui bibendum. Duis id nunc a dolor aliquet sodales. Mauris pellentesque lacinia vestibulum...


  • Make the reading from the device better (i.e smarter, faster).
  • Parse the response in a smarter way