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Create a vertical timeline based on a list of dates and events
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jQuery Vertical Timelines

This plugin turns ordinary definition lists into smooth, interactive, vertical timelines.

Version: 0.5b
Author: Bill Parrott
Tested with jQuery: 1.6.4
Last Updated: 2011/10/21
Download Link:

Usage Instructions
Create your timeline using a standard <dl>, with the dates stored in the <dt> tags and any content associated with them stored in the following <dd> tag.

    <dd><em>The Two Gentlemen of Verona</em></dd>
    <dd><em>The Taming of the Shrew</em></dd>
    <dd><em>Henry VI, Part 2</em></dd>
    <dd><em>Henry VI, Part 3</em></dd>
Next, simply initialize the timeline by calling the plugin. This will add style and functionality to the timeline.
The included demo uses the timeline of Plays by Shakespeare as described on Wikipedia.

Change Log
Version 0.5b (2011/10/21); Initial release
    Basic styling included
    Some items configurable
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