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@@ -108,7 +108,15 @@ the executables for each HRMC process. Below shows the content of ```
```` is the core of HRMC SC.
```` is the core of HRMC SC. Recall that `Chiminey sends the path to input (``INPUT_DIR``) and output (OUTPUT_DIR) directories
via command-line arguments<payload>`. Here, the SC developer moves the HRMC executable, which was extracted by ````, to
the input directory. The SC developer changes its working directory to ``INPUT_DIR``, run HRMC, and redirect the execution output
to ``OUTPUT_DIR``. When HRMC is completed, the SC developer moves additional files to ``OUTPUT_DIR``. As the
next major step, the SC developer runs the ``PSD`` executable, which was extracted by ````. Once the execution is
completed, the necessary files are moved to ``OUTPUT_DIR``.
NB: Running HRMC and PSD takes a long time. However, the SC developer should not be concerned about this as Chiminey
will ensure that all tasks are run asynchronously.

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