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SCSS linter for Brackets


scss-lint Configuration

Put your scss-lint rules in a file named .scss-lint.yml in the root of your project.

brackets-scss-lint Configuration

The extension has three configuration options you can set in your Brackets preferences file.

If brackets-scss-lint can't find your scss-lint gem, you can tell it where it's located via the following option:

"scsslint.gemDir": "/dir/where/scsslint/is/installed/"

The default gemDir is an empty string.

If you're linting large scss files and are getting an error saying "Too many errors. Try a smaller file or setting scsslint.maxBuffer config.", you can increase the default Node buffer size via the following option:

"scsslint.execMaxBuffer": 409600

The default execMaxBuffer value is 204800

You can change the default location of your linting configuration file. The location is in reference to the project base directory.

"scsslint.configFile": ".scss-lint.yml"

The default is .scss-lint.yml