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😎 A curated list of stuff related to the Flutter Provider library
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Awesome Flutter Provider Awesome

😎 A curated list of stuff related to the Flutter Provider library


Flutter Provider: Introduction - an introduction to the Provider Package.

Google IO 2019: Pragmatic State Management in Flutter - see how to structure content in a simple yet scalable way.

Boring Show: Pragmatic State Management Using Provider - an overview of the Provider package, a straightforward way to manage state in a Flutter app.

Flutter :: From StreamBuilder to MultiProvider - a video that breaks down the process that takes you from StreamBuilder to MultiProvider.


Provider - Points of interest - Points to care about - an in-depth tour of the Provider package, points of interest and to care about.

Flutter Provider v3 Architecture - an article on architecting your Flutter applications in an MVVM pattern using provider.

Flutter: Pragmatic State Management Using Provider - This article will help you to get started with state management using the provider package.


provider_assist - An MVVMish state management library heavily influenced by FilledStacks Provider v3 Architecture.

flutter_bloc - A Reduxish state management library that helps implement the BLoC pattern.

simple_bloc - A simple state management library alternative to the BLoC implementation.

persist_theme - A Flutter plugin for persiting and dynamicly changing the theme.

voyager - Router, requirements & dependency injection library for Flutter.

provider_for_redux - Let's you use Provider with async_redux.


Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.


Read the license.

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