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A Tour of C++ 2nd - 2018.pdf

Hands-On Design Patterns with C++ - 2018.pdf

C++17 By Example - 2018.pdf

Game Programming in C++ Creating 3D Games - 2018.pdf

C++ Reactive Programming - 2018.pdf

Deep Belief Nets in C++ and CUDA C Volume 3 Convolutional Nets - 2018.pdf

Cryptography in C and C++ 2nd - 2013.pdf

The Modern C++ Challenge - 2018.pdf

Absolute C++ 5th - 2013.pdf

C++ HOW TO PROGRAM 10th - 2017.pdf

@C++17 Quick Syntax Reference A Pocket Guide to the Language, APIs and Library, 3rd edition - 2018.pdf

Beginning C++17 From Novice to Professional, 5th edition - 2018.pdf

Starting Out with C++ from Control Structures to Objects (9th Edition) - 2018.pdf

C++ for Everyone, Second Edition - 2012 .pdf

The C++ Programming Language, 4th Edition - 2013.epub

C++ Advanced Features and Programming Techniques - 2017.pdf

Effective C++ Digital Collection 140 Ways to Improve Your Programming - 2012.pdf

Mastering the C++17 STL - 2017.pdf

Clean C++ Sustainable Software Development Patterns and Best Practices with C++ 17 - 2017.pdf

Object -Oriented Programming C++ Simplified - 2015.pdf

Boost C++ Application Development Cookbook - Second Edition - 2017.pdf

Mastering C++ Multithreading - 2017.pdf

Learning C++ Functional Programming - 2017.pdf

Practical C++ Metaprogramming - 2016.pdf

C++17 STL Cookbook - 2017.pdf

Introduction to Programming with C++ (3rd edition).pdf

Boost.Asio C++ Network Programming Cookbook - 2016.pdf

Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ Pocket Primer - 2018.pdf

beginning c++ programming - 2017.pdf

Boost.Asio C++ Network 2nd - 2015.pdf

Object Oriented Programming with C++, 2nd edition - 2012.pdf

Problem Solving in Data Structures and Algorithms Using C - 2017.pdf

Problems Solving in Data Structures & Algorithms Using C++ - 2016.pdf

C++ for Financial Mathematics - 2017.pdf

@C++ Programming For Beginners Crash Course - 2016.pdf

Autodesk Inventor Programming In C++ - 2016.pdf

@Kickstart Coding C++ by Nathaniel Cannon - 2014.pdf

Learn C++ for Game Development - 2014.pdf

Exploring C++ 11 2nd - 2013.pdf

Practice Guidebook for Object Oriented C++ Language - 2016.pdf

Options and Derivatives Programming in C++ - 2016.pdf

Data Clustering in C++ - 2011.pdf

Beginning C++ Game Programming - 2016.pdf



Wireless Network Security 2nd - 2018.pdf

The Cyber Risk Handbook - 2017.pdf

Fundamentals of Information Systems Security 3rd - 2018.pdf

Gray Hat Hacking 5th - 2018.pdf

灰帽黑客 第4版 - 2016.pdf










Kotlin Standard Library Cookbook - 2018.pdf

Learning Kotlin by Building Android Applications - 2018.pdf

Kotlin Programming Cookbook - 2018.pdf

kotlin programming by example - 2018.epub

Kotlin in Action - 2017.pdf

Kotlin Blueprints - 2017.pdf







python 3.7极速入门教程9最佳python中文工具书籍下载





书籍:Python机器学习蓝图第2版 Python Machine Learning Blueprints 2nd - 2019.pdf

书籍:树莓派家庭自动化 Home Automation(python) with Raspberry Pi - 2019.pdf

书籍:Python游戏开发 Game Development Using Python - 2019.pdf

书籍:机器学习和图像处理实战 Practical Machine Learning and Image Processing - 2019.pdf

书籍: PySpark SQL Recipes_ With HiveQL, Dataframe and Graphframes - 2019.pdf

书籍:Python金融大数据分析 Python for Finance_ Mastering Data-Driven Finance 2nd - 2019.pdf

书籍:掌握Python脚本系统管理 Mastering Python Scripting for System Administrators - 2019.pdf

书籍:掌握Python的网络和安全 Mastering Python for Networking and Security - 2018.pdf

书籍:Python渗透测试实战 Practical Security Automation and Testing(python)- 2019.pdf

书籍:Python AI项目实战 Practical Python AI Projects - 2018.pdf

书籍:Python深度学习项目 Python Deep Learning Projects - 2018.Pdf

书籍:Python强化学习项目 Python Reinforcement Learning Projects - 2018.pdf

书籍:python人工智能项目入门 Python Artificial Intelligence Projects for Beginners - 2018.pdf

书籍:python人工智能项目 Intelligent Projects Using Python - 2019

书籍:Data Cleaning数据清洗-基于shell和python - 2018.pdf

书籍:Learning Python for Forensics 2nd Edition - 2019.pdf

书籍:Learn Web Development with Python - 2018.pdf

书籍:Pro Python 3 3rd -2019: Features and Tools for Professional Development .pdf

书籍:Pro Python 3 3rd -2019: Features and Tools for Professional Development .pdf

书籍:Daniel Arbuckle's Mastering Python - 2017

书籍:Python Testing Cookbook, 2nd Edition - 2018.pdf python测试cookbook

书籍: Simple Machine Learning for Programmers - 2018.pdf 程序员简单机器学习

书籍:python物联网人工智能 Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for IoT - 2019

书籍:python物联网编程项目 Internet of Things Programming Projects - 2018

书籍:python网络编程 Python Network Programming - 2019

书籍:python机器学习集合Cookbook Ensemble Machine Learning Cookbook - 2019

书籍:python自然语言处理(PyTorch) Natural Language Processing with PyTorch - 2019

书籍:python游戏编码 Coding Games in Python - 2018

书籍:python图像处理 Image Operators - Image Processing in Python - 2019

书籍:python科学工程介绍 Python for Science and Engineering - 2019

书籍:python数据科学傻瓜书 Python for Data Science For Dummies 2nd Edition - 2019

python人工智能机器人工具书籍: Python Robotics Projects - 2018

python人工智能机器人工具书籍: Learn Robotics Programming(python and Raspberry Pi 3) - 2018

机器学习PyTorch菜谱 PyTorch Recipes_ A Problem-Solution Approach - 2019.Pdf

推荐系统实战 Practical Recommender Systems(python) - 2019

Python 3 面向对象编程(第3版) 中英文Python 3 Object-Oriented Programming 3rd Edition - 2018.pdf

深入理解Flask 中英文版-英文更新至2018第2版

python人工智能入门 Python Beginner's Guide to Artificial Intelligence - 2018

人工智能新书下载: Machine Learning and AI for Healthcare - 2019.pdf

Python自动化测试新书下载: 使用Selenium工具和Python自动化浏览器



Python基础教程(第3版) - 2017.pdf

《Python Cookbook》第三版中文.pdf

Daniel Arbuckle's Mastering Python - 2017.pdf

python performance

Learning Cython Programming(2nd).pdf

Reilly.High Performance Python.Practical Performant Programming for Human.2014.pdf

Python性能分析与优化 Mastering Python High Performance - 2015.pdf

Python Parallel Programming Cookbook - 2015.pdf.pdf

Python in Practice Aug 2013.pdf

Python High Performance Programming - 2013.pdf

Parallel Programming with Python - 2014.pdf


Packt.Distributed.Computing.with.Python- 2016.pdf

Mastering Python High Performance - 2015.pdf




Flask Web开发实战:入门、进阶与原理解析 - 2018.pdf

Flask Web开发:基于Python的Web应用开发实战(第2版)- 2018.pdf

深入理解Flask - 2016.pdf

The New And Improved Flask - 2018.pdf

Python高效开发实战Django、Tornado、Flask、Twisted - 2016.pdf

Mastering Flask - 2015.pdf

Learning Flask Framework - 2015.pdf

Instant Flask Web Development - 2013.pdf

head first flask - 2016.pdf

Flask Web Development 2nd - 2018.pdf

Flask Building Python Web Services - 2017.pdf

Flask Blueprints - 2015.pdf

Building Web Applications with Flask - 2015.pdf


Test-Driven Development with Python, 2nd Edition - 2017 qq群144081101共享




Python数据挖掘入门与实践(中文完整版) - 2017.pdf

Python for Finance - Second Edition - 2017.pdf

Python for Everybody Exploring Data in Python 3.rar

Python for Data Science For Dummies - 2015.pdf

Python for Data Analysis, 2nd Edition - 2017.pdf

Python for analyze big financial data - 2015.pdf

Python End-to-end Data Analysis - 2016.pdf

Python Data Visualization Cookbook(2nd) - 2015.pdf

Python Data Science Handbook - 2017.pdf

Python Data Science Essentials 2nd Edition - 2016.pdf

Python Data Science Cookbook - 2015.pdf

Python Data Mining.pdf

Python Data Analysis Cookbook - 2016.pdf

Python.Data.Analytics - 2015.pdf

pyexcel - 2017.pdf - 2016.pdf

Practical Data Analysis, 2nd Edition - 2016.pdf

Pandas Cookbook Recipes for Scientific Computing - 2017.pdf

pandas - 2016.pdf

Packt.Clean.Data - 2015.pdf

Packt.Building.Python.Real-Time.Applications.with.Storm. - 2015.pdf

Mastering Python Data Analysis - 2016.pdf

Mastering Pandas for Finance - 2015.pdf

Mastering Pandas - 2015.pdf



Learning pandas - Second Edition - 2017.pdf

Learning pandas - 2015.pdf

Learning Data Mining with Python -2nd 2017.pdf

Introduction to Data Science -A Python Approach to Concepts, Techniques and Applications - 2017.pdf

Foundations for Analytics with Python From Non-Programmer to Hacker - 2016.pdf

For.Dummies.Data.Science.For.Dummies 2nd- 2017.epub

Designing Data-Intensive Applications - 2017.pdf

Deep Time Series Forecasting with Python - 2016.pdf

Data Wrangling with Python - 2016.pdf

Data_Visualization_with_Python_and_JavaScript - 2016.pdf

Data Science from Scratch -2015.pdf

Data Analytics and Python Programming 2 Bundle Manuscript - Isaac D. Cody - 2016.pdf - 2016.pdf

Data.Science.from.Scratch.First.Principles.with.Python - 2015.pdf

Apress.Text.Analytics.with.Python. - 2016.pdf

An Introduction to Statistics with Python [2016].pdf

Pandas for Everyone Python Data Analysis -2018.pdf




深度学习之PyTorch实战计算机视觉 - 2018.pdf

深度学习之Pytorch - 2017.pdf

PyTorch深度学习实战 - 2017.pdf

Deep Learning with PyTorch - 2018.pdf

Deep Learning Toolkits II pytorch example - 2017.pdf


Python Network Programming Cookbook, 2nd Edition - 2017.pdf

Practical Network Automation Leverage the power of Python and Ansible to optimize your network - 2017.pdf

Practical Network Automation - 2017.pdf


Learning Python Network Programming - 2015.pdf

Foundations of Python Network Programming, 3rd Edition - 2014.pdf

Data Science and Complex Networks Real Case Studies with Python - 2016.pdf

Complex Network Analysis in Python Recognize – Construct – Visualize – Analyze – Interpret - 2018.pdf



算法图解 - 2017.pdf


Python算法教程 - 2016.pdf

Python Data Structures and Algorithms - 2017.pdf

Python Algorithms, 2nd Edition 2014.pdf

Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures Release 3.0 - 2013.pdf

Problem Solving in Data Structures and Algorithms Using Python - 2016.pdf

Practical Programming An Introduction to Computer Science Using Python (Pragmatic Programmers) 2009.pdf

grokking algorithms - 2016.pdf

Fundamentals of Python From First Programs Through Data Structures - 2010.pdf

Fundamentals of Python - Data Structures - 2014.pdf

Data Structures and Algorithms with Python(Springer,2015).pdf

Data Structures and Algorithms Using Python - 2011.pdf

Data Structures and Algorithms in Python - 2013.pdf

Data Structures And Algorithmic Thinking With Python - 2016.pdf


Learning Apache Thrift - 2015




视觉SLAM十四讲:从理论到实践 - 2017.pdf


Rotate images (correctly) with OpenCV and Python




书籍:ASTQB-BCS移动测试基础指南 Mobile Testing An ASTQB-BCS Foundation Guide - 2018.pdf




自动化_性能_web测试 - 试卷.pdf



优质代码:软件测试的原则、实践与模式 - 2015.pdf

应用程序性能测试的艺术 - 2012.pdf

移动App测试实战:顶级互联网企业软件测试和质量提升最佳实践 - 2015.pdf

腾讯Android自动化测试实战 - 2016.pdf

软件性能测试过程详解与案例剖析(第二版)- 2012.pdf

软件测试价值提升之路 - 2016.pdf

Praxiswissen Softwaretest - Test Analyst und Technical Test Analyst Aus - 2015.pdf

Google软件测试之道 - 2013.pdf

Advanced Software Testing - Vol. 2, 2nd Edition Guide to the ISTQB Advanced Certification as an Advanced Test Manager - 2014.pdf

std1008-1987 IEEE 1008 单元测试国际标准.pdf

IEEE Std 829-2008 测试计划模板.pdf

BS ISO IEC 25010-2011 Systems and software engineering — Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) — System and software quality models.pdf


ISO-IEC 25010 系统和软件质量模型.pdf

Hands-On Continuous Integration and Delivery - 2018.pdf

Remote Usability Testing - 2018.pdf

Database Benchmarking and Stress Testing - 2018.pdf

Python Testing with pytest - 2017.pdf



Software Testing Foundations 4th - 2014.pdf

Rocky.Nook Advanced Software Testing .Vol.3.2nd.Edition - 2015.pdf

深入理解Android自动化测试 (移动开发) - 2016.pdf

精通Metasploit渗透测试 (图灵程序设计丛书) - 2016.pdf

测试架构师修炼之道:从测试工程师到测试架构师 - 2016.pdf

Web渗透测试:使用Kali Linux (图灵程序设计丛书) - 2014.pdf

Kali Linux高级渗透测试(原书第2版) (网络空间安全技术丛书) - 2018.pdf

Kali Linux 无线渗透测试入门指南 - 2016.pdf

Android移动性能实战 - 2017.pdf

有效的单元测试 (华章程序员书库) - 2014.pdf

Kali Linux渗透测试的艺术 - 2015.pdf

程序之美系列套装(6册)团队之美、项目管理之美、架构之美、数据之美、测试之美、安全之美 - 2015.pdf

Sample Exam Questions- ISTQB Foundation Level-Agile Tester Extension Exam - 2016.pdf

Mobile Test Auto with Appium - 2017.pdf

Appium Recipes - 2016.pdf











GFK:虚拟现实零售市场简述 - 2017.pdf

VR虚拟现实与AR增强现实的技术原理与商业应用 - 2017.pdf

虚拟现实技术与应用 - 2004.pdf

虚拟现实技术及编程技巧 - 1999.pdf

虚拟现实:万象的新开端 - 2018.pdf

人工智能和虚拟现实的科幻鼻祖“神经漫游者”三部曲(套装全3册) - 2013.pdf

沉浸感:不可错过的虚拟现实革命 - 2017.pdf


VR虚拟现实 重构用户体验与商业新生态 - 2016.pdf

OFFLINE · 虚拟现实如何讲故事.pdf

Learning Web-based Virtual Reality - 2017.pdf

Building Virtual Reality with Unity and SteamVR - 2017.pdf

Beginning Windows Mixed Reality Programming For HoloLens and Mixed Reality Headsets.pdf

Augmented Reality Principles and Practice - 2016.pdf

Augmented Reality Game Development - 2017.pdf

Augmented Reality for Developers - 2017.pdf

Augmented Reality for Android Application Development - 2013.pdf

Virtual Reality Enhanced Robotic Systems for Disability Rehabilitation - 2016.pdf

Virtual Reality and the Built Environment 2nd - 2018.pdf

Virtual Reality and Medicine (Next-Generation Medical Technology) - 2018.pdf

Virtual & Augmented Reality For Dummies - 2018.pdf

Unity Virtual Reality Projects - 2018 2nd.pdf

Unity 2018 Augmented Reality Projects - 2018 - Jesse Glover.pdf

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