SMS Sender for Moldcell and Orange mobile operators.
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SMS Sender (or flooder ^_^) for Moldcell and Orange mobile operators.

You can connect via proxy to bypass restriction «5 sms per 24 hours» of Orange operator.

Best practice is configure TOR to change automatic new IP every one (as example) minute:

Put this three lines to your torrc file:

CircuitBuildTimeout 10
LearnCircuitBuildTimeout 0
MaxCircuitDirtiness 10

Then, restart TOR and use socks:// as proxy server


  • Perl, and some perl modules:
    • WWW::Mechanize
    • LWP::Protocol::socks
    • LWP::Protocol::https
  • Imagemagick
  • Tesseract


It's for edicational purposes. Don't be evil! >:-)