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RELEASE NOTES						August-21-2018

Alexandr Savca <>

This directory contains source for the X11 version of xbattbar (version 1.5)
which is a (laptop) battery status indicator.

Previous version (1.4.2) was thrown and did not develop over the years.

I picked it up, and added the ability to work with ACPI in Linux by
default (APM support is still present), and theoretical support for

* Version

The release version of this xbattbar is 1.5

* Supported platform

I tested this program on:
	Linux/ACPI	4.17+

Remained untested:


  and a rarity like

	BSDI's BSD/os	:-D

If you wish to test it and send a patch - you're welcome.

* Installation Procedure

It's almost the same as cases for normal X window applications:

xmkmf -a


or if you have APM instead of ACPI (default) in case of Linux:


and then

make install

* Known bugs and installation hints

1. This program doesn't work well with the virtual desktop environment
provided by several window managers such as fvwm; especially in the
case that you use an 'EdgeScroll' feature, this program corrupts with
it, because this program instead of your window manager catches mouse
events to show xbattbar dialogue box.

2. This program may happen to get X protocol error from X servers, and
then terminate illeagally.  Especially in the case we repeat "launch
and kill" of this program very rapidly, this case may happen.
I guess this problem is caused by the X server internals.

3. In the standard configuration of FreeBSD 2.x and 3.x, since the APM
device /dev/apm is protected by mode 664 with owner "root" and group
"operator", this program have to be installed with root.operator and
mode 2555 (I prefer to use SetGID operator instead of SUID root for
security considerations).

4. In the case you plug off your AC line during battery status window
is poped up, the battery status window is not updated, because I do
not put any code to sense the battery status during the window is
poped up.  You may think this is a bug, but I don't care (sorry!).

5. The program does not work with multiple batteries (sorry twice!).4

* Comments, Suggestions, and Bug Reports

Please send e-mail to Alexandr Savca <>

* Developers

Suguru Yamaguchi	base development and releasing
Akira Kato		function enhancements
Noriyuki Shigechika	function enhancements
Susumu Sano		FreeBSD porting
Hiroshi Ura		NetBSD porting
Yuji Sekiya		Linux porting
Alexandr Savca		Resurrection of this zombie