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A curated list of application resources for prospective graduate students in Computer Science and related fields. List created by Chinasa T. Okolo, a Computer Science PhD student at Cornell. Feel free to fork and make pull requests with new opportunities!

There are dozens of PhD programs in Computer Science (based in the United States) who accept applicants each year, so I won't list them out here but will provide resources to help you along your journey. Fortunately, many departments have started applicant support programs for underrepresented students (primarily PhD students) applying to their respective programs! Check out the list below:

Will be updating for 2022 as soon as I can! In the meantime, this Twitter thread may be helpful. For programs I have not seen updates for the 2022 application cycle, they are listed as "Status Unknown".

Applicant Support Programs

School Program Deadline Masters/PhD Other details
Brown Computer Science Rolling Both Status Unknown
Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Rolling Both
Carnegie Mellon Human-Computer Interaction Rolling PhD
Cornell Computer Science October 7th, 2022 PhD
Information Science TBD PhD Status Unknown
Operations Research TBD PhD Status Unknown
Columbia Computer Science November 7th, 2022 PhD
ETH Zurich All departments November 1st, 2022 MSc
Georgia Tech College of Computing TBD PhD Status Unknown
Johns Hopkins Computer Science and Electrical Engineering November 20th, 2022 PhD
MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) November 15th, 2022 PhD
Northwestern Computer Science TBD PhD Status Unknown
Oregon State University Computer Science Rolling PhD
Princeton Computer Science TBD PhD Status Unknown
Stanford Computer Science October 29th, 2022 PhD
UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) October 8th, 2022 Both
School of Information (iSchool) TBD PhD Status Unknown
University of Chicago Computer Science November 15th, 2022 PhD
University of Colorado Boulder Computer Science November 15th, 2022 PhD
University of Massachusetts Amherst Computer Science Rolling PhD Status Unknown
University of Michigan Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) Rolling PhD
University of Pennsylvania Computer and Information Science TBD PhD Status Unknown
Bioengineering November 5th, 2022 PhD
University of Texas at Austin Computer Science TBD PhD Status Unknown
University of Toronto Computer Science TBD Both Status Unknown
University of Washington Computer Science October 15th, 2022 PhD
Electrical & Computer Engineering TBD PhD Status Unknown

Resources for Applying to CS Graduate Programs

When applying to graduate school, my main thesis was set in two parts: (1) the program had to be a top program (top 25 or so) in CS (2) there had to be at least 2-3 professors that I was interested in working with in the department. To be honest, I applied to schools outside of the top 25 like Emory and Washington University in St. Louis (WashU), but they also had other strong departments in medicine, computational biology, etc. that aligned with my interests at the time. To this point, I believe that my second criteria was much more important than my first criteria. It's nice to be in a top-tier program, but if you aren't doing research you're passionate about, it kinds of lessens the point for pursuing a PhD. I was fortunate to get both, but this may not always be possible.

Also, Black in AI recently started their Graduate application mentoring program to support Black students applying to graduate programs! The deadline has passed, but stay tuned for future program updates. I've been involved with this organization for years and support everything they do.

Program Lists

General Resources

Application Tips

Finding Fellowships

Check out my extensive repository on fellowships and scholarships for graduate students in Computer Science and related fields!

Statement Writing

Preparing for Graduate School in CS

Surviving in Graduate School


A repository for compiling graduate application materials for prospective computer science graduate students (Masters & PhD).







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